What is a wedding ceremony?

Wedding ceremony is an event to establish lovers as couple and widely to families, relatives, acquaintances, work colleagues, etc. There have been many countries that have maintained their own wedding ceremonies in countries all over the world, and currently maintain traditional wedding forms including Japan.

The “pre-Buddha wedding ceremony” that has been held since ancient times is a Buddhist wedding ceremony held under the principle that marriage between married couple is border from before it is born. I will report marriage to my ancestors in Buddhist temples and relatives of temples in front of Buddha, and at the same time thank you Buddha. Although you can give a ceremony at a temple, sometimes you call a buddy in front of a family Buddha or wedding ceremony to make a wedding before Buddha.

There is also a form called “wedding before divine” against Buddha front. This is very common in contemporary Japan, exchange of oath of couples and exchange of rings in front of God is done. More than 80% of the wedding ceremonies held in Japan are said to be weddings before this god, and many couples celebrate the wedding before the god without being Christians.

There are also wedding ceremonies called ‘public serving wedding’ in addition to before Buddha and before God. This is a wedding ceremony held in front of participants such as families and acquaintances, you can express an expression without feeling much less strict image than before Buddha or Shinto.

A public wedding ceremony has large and small wedding plans, plans that can afford relatively little budget, including photography and simple dinner, are also available. With the trend of the times, young couple popularity has gained popularity, and there are merits that budget and venue can be selected widely.

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