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As for the way to watch out at the wedding ceremony, is not it the point where clothing regulations are the most important point? In particular, women are also characterized by many troubles as compared to men, such as clothes, accessories, and hair styles. Nonetheless, men also wear regular dresses and wish to wear appropriate clothes suitable for formal occasions.

Generally, female invited guests are supposed to avoid managing a uniform white clothing with a white-colored dress or white to complement the bride. On the contrary, when wearing a black dress, wear a dress that is gorgeous with shiny materials, lamels etc. because it is more likely to be biased toward images of murder. Make your hairstyle to be a hairstyle according to your dress and refrain from decorating it more than a bride. Regarding accessories, at daytime, cloth corsages and pearl accessories are kept discreetly, and in the night you wear jewelry and other light accessories.

Male invited guests are based on black suit style. However, the director’s suit at the day’s wedding and the tuxedo will be officially dressed at the evening wedding ceremony. For accessories, it is unlikely to be more concerned than females, but it is safe to avoid gorgeous pierced earrings and necklaces in the sense of breaking up the bridegroom.

In some wedding clothing regulations, it is described as “participate in uniform clothes”. Homework means that you do not have to wear clothes, but everyday wear and excessive clothes will be against manners, so let’s avoid it. For men, it is possible to incorporate free accessories for dark series color suit, not for black, for women one piece and two piece.

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